Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am neurotic.

Ok, so I've come to grips with it, I think. I like things clean. Robert says it's abnormally clean, not just clean. I can only guess that it has something to do with my dad, who also likes things "abnormally clean". My sister is coming soon and that has given me a little push to really organize my house. I'm cleaning out the closet where I currently have all my project stuff, and I've decided that this is the perfect chance to reorganize all my closets and the kitchen....but, I needed to purchase some shelving before I really tackled it. Knowing that, I've been lax on putting things away, and it has been really getting to me! I've been feeling so depressed for the last week or so and I couldn't figure out why...until yesterday when we went to Wal-Mart and bought shelving and paper organizers and I suddenly exhaled and felt a million times better! Just buying the shelving made me feel so much better-now that is neurotic! The house still looks the same, I haven't actually tackled it yet, but knowing that it will soon be in order is so comforting! Ok, so I just had to share with the world that I know there's something wrong with me ^_^.

Friday, October 3, 2008

New picture-Shawn's birthday

Shawn's, I wasn't there!
Aunt Brenda, Sarah, Shawn, momma, John(Shawn's friend), and Laura. They had a great time, and I hate it that I'm not there to enjoy birthdays and holidays! Oh well, I'm holding my breath for Sep 2010! Ok, not really, but I thought about it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grocery store Mama

Pictures that Christy took of me last Friday...she's a good friend...I told her I didn't have any pictures of me, so she ran out when she saw me with my hair done to take pictures before I went to the grocery store!-Hence the silly faces

Kauai'i some more

We were drivin' all over the place with the top down on the Jeep, when it stated to pour rain and we stopped to put up the top-or at least I thought "we" were going to put it up....I put it up while Christy laughed and took pictures of me-Thanks Christy:) The next day we body surfed on this gorgeous beach...we had all to ourselves...we had it all to ourselves because noone else wanted to swim with the SHARKS!!! As we were getting out and walking to the shore, we turned around to see a shark about 6 feet from us! (it was small) When we got back to the shore we saw a sight-seeing boat chumming the water with at least 3 big sharks swarming around the boat! The boat was probably less than 50 yards from us and the people on the boat were screaming because the sharks were doin' their thing! Crazy! It was pretty freaky!

Kauai'i again.

We went Kayaking and zip lining in the treetops. We had so much fun!


My girlfriend Christy and I went to Kauai'i for 3 days-by ourselves! These pictures are from when we hiked the Na Pali coast and went snorkeling right before sunset...gorgeous!


These are from our trip to the Honolulu arboretum...there are some really cool and crazy looking flowers here!

Korea pictures

My favorite pictures from our time in Korea.

Siblings 2007, Harper and Dorman

Yea! Wer'e getting married ^_^-June,2000