Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Manna from the Domestic Goddess

That's what Robert has been calling the bread I've been making. I started making my own yeast bread recently, because we switched our diet to 100% organic and, at that time, the only organic bread I could get my hands on was $6 a loaf! So, I decided it was time to start making it myself...it turned out really fantastic and yummy...also, it only cost me $2.55 a loaf to make it! I was making it so frequently I wanted to try and make a larger batch...but I didn't have a bowl big enough for all that dough, so I thought I'd improvise and make it in the kitchen sink (after I scoured it)...it turned out ok, but not perfect, so I won't be doing it that way again...but here's a picture of it rising in the sink!


I had a lot of fun making my first quilt this year...I made it for Luke Douglas Sass...Kelly and Charles' second boy. I made it to match his baby room as they had decorated it, and his bedding they had picked out. I was really proud of it, so wanted to share some pics (pics are of it unfinished)...my next one ought to be better, since I have some practice now.