Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Manna from the Domestic Goddess

That's what Robert has been calling the bread I've been making. I started making my own yeast bread recently, because we switched our diet to 100% organic and, at that time, the only organic bread I could get my hands on was $6 a loaf! So, I decided it was time to start making it myself...it turned out really fantastic and yummy...also, it only cost me $2.55 a loaf to make it! I was making it so frequently I wanted to try and make a larger batch...but I didn't have a bowl big enough for all that dough, so I thought I'd improvise and make it in the kitchen sink (after I scoured it)...it turned out ok, but not perfect, so I won't be doing it that way again...but here's a picture of it rising in the sink!


I had a lot of fun making my first quilt this year...I made it for Luke Douglas Sass...Kelly and Charles' second boy. I made it to match his baby room as they had decorated it, and his bedding they had picked out. I was really proud of it, so wanted to share some pics (pics are of it unfinished)...my next one ought to be better, since I have some practice now.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Future of Food

stop what you're doing now...(or whenever you have an hour and a half and want your mind blown!) and go to Hulu.com ....make an account and watch the Future of Food! It is so scary what we "enlightened" minds are doing to ourselves, along with everyone else on this planet! CSA!!!! Community Supported Agriculture is the way! Educate yourselves!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I know it's not PC to say this, but it's my blog so, "I do what I want!" ---my boys are THE BEST! They are so adorable, and on top of being totally cute they are totally loving to each other. They are always looking out for one another and keeping the other in mind. They do have their little "moments" where it's not all roses, but those moments are pretty few. I'm just realizing more and more how blessed I am and thought I'd share ^_^.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My crazies are showin'

The other day I went on a drive and got a little wind blown, but didn't realize it until I saw my shadow on the wall LOL!!!! Enjoy ---A.K.A-my Medusa's

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Come Together

You can all call me crazy
For the things that I might say
You can laugh all you want to
I know there will come a day
When we all will come together
And learn to set aside our hate
If we could learn to love our neighbors
Just like we would love ourselves
We've got to come together
'Cause in the end we can make it - alright
We've got to brave the weather
Through all of the storms
We've got to come together
'Cause in the end we can make it - alright
We've got to learn to love
We've got to learn to love
You can call me a dreamer
But these dreams will come true
Yes, I am a firm believer
In the things that we can do
If we would all just come together
And let the Lord lead our way
There is nothing that we can't do
There is nothing we can't face
'Cause in the end we can make it - alright
We've got to brave the weather
Through all of the storms
We've got to come together
'Cause in the end we can make it - alright
We've got to learn to love
I know that there will come a day
When the Lord will call His own away
To a place that He has made for all of us
But until the day of His return
There's a lesson that we've got to learn
We are brothers and we're sisters
We are one
We've got to come together
'Cause in the end we can make it - alright
We've got to brave the weather
Through all of the storms
We've got to come together
'Cause in the end we can make it - alright
We've got to learn to love

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Concrete Jungle

No sun will shine in my day today;
The high yellow moon won't come out to play:
I said darkness has covered my light,
and the stage my day into night, yeah.
Where is the love to be found?
Won't someone tell me?
cause my life must be somewhere to be found -
Instead of concrete jungle ,
Where the living is harder .

Concrete jungle :
Man you got to do your best. wo-ooh, yeah.
No chains around my feet,
But I'm not free, oh-ooh!
I know I am bound here in captivity;
Gyeah, now - I've never known happiness;
I've never known what sweet caress is -
Still, I'll be always laughing like a clown;
Won't someone help me? 'cause I -
I've got to pick myself from off the ground
he-yeah! -
In this a concrete jungle :
I said, what do you cry for me now, o-oh!
Concrete jungle , ah, wont you let me be, now.
Hey! oh, now!
I said that life - it must be somewhere to be found
Oh, instead: concrete jungle - collusion -
Confusion . eh!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank You!

You know...God is so good...just every once in a while when I'm needing a pick-me-up He brings just what I need...I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with the task at hand: raising children and attempting to keep a household running...
this morning Sterling ran into the kitchen as I was starting breakfast and said,"Quick-momma, come look out the door!" So, I did and what did I see? A bird...just sitting on our welcome mat at the back door. I think it must've flown into the glass and stunned itself or something, but we opened the door and it just sat there, so I slowly reached out and stroked it's head and it closed it's eyes and leaned into my touch. I thought it must have a broken wing or something, so I slowly picked it up and checked it over...nothing was wrong with it. No broken bones, no bleeding, no discharge from eyes or nose or mouth...it just perched on my finger and looked around at us. We went and sat on the couch thing outside and we were talking to it and it just continued to chill out checking us over. I asked Sterling to go get the camera and when he did Dyoji came outside and startled it a bit, so it hopped to the coffee table and just looked around...we put Dyoji back inside and took a few pictures of it and I said, "Thank you for visiting us today." It looked around and flew off...anyway it was pretty sweet and I feel much calmer and uplifted...thought I'd share!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shiny objects are my Acheles' Heel!

I saw this bumper sticker one day when we finished our hike to Moanawili Falls....I laughed so hard-I need that bumper sticker! I had to take a picture, I thought Christy would especially appreciate it!

New Camera

I love the camera my momma got me for my birthday! I feel like I can take pics of everything and it's so easy to put them up on the computer! Here are some pics I've been taking, I don't know what I'm going to do with them exactly, but I'm thinking of some sort of art project for the house...we'll see.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're in Hawaii!

So, just before Christmas Robert decided that it was good for us to be going out as a family and being active and seeing Hawaii while we're here (Thank you, thank you!!!), so we've been doing a lot of outings. During the week we run at the track on Mondays, run at the track on Wednesdays and then chase the boys at the park, Fridays Robert runs while I ride the bike for a long trek and then on Sundays we go hiking somewhere out on Oahu. I have been having the best time and really getting on the weight loss bandwagon. Happy Days! It is so beautiful here and it is so fascinating to see all the miraculous and creative things God's put here on this earth....

My birthday

As my birthday approached this year I didn't give it much thought....my best friend was moving and I knew she was needing some help, Robert was busy and life was going on...I figured Robert had forgotten cause I didn't drop any reminders this year. But, when I woke up on my birthday Robert had left me a note and a present on the counter in the kitchen and then proceeded to call me every hour to wish me a happy birthday. My girlfriend found out from Sterling that it was my day and mad at me for not telling her....she then took the boys most of the day and brought me cinnamon rolls from Burger King (without even knowing of the Harper birthday tradition of cinnamon rolls on your birthday)...and pizza for lunch. I received calls from family all day long and got to read for the bigger part of the day (always a good time when I get to read). It was a great and surprising day.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinaman's hat

Christy wanted to kayak to the chinaman's hat and then climb to the top before she left Hawaii (*crying*), so we got kayaks, loaded them on the top of my car and drove to North Shore, where we paddled out to the island (that looks like a chinaman's hat...) and climbed the deceptively steep little mountain. We had a lot of fun and many laughs (as usual) on the way there as the kayaks were trying to blow off the top of my car. After we finished our paddle/climb/paddle...we drove to one of the shrimp shacks and had this totally delicious, messy, and super-fresh shrimp. Then on the way home from that we stopped by the Dole plantation and had Dole-whip(for any who haven't been to Hawaii, it's like soft yogurt made from pineapple, and it's divine!)...it was so much fun and it was like our last hoorah before she left. I'm writting this in January and I'm sad that she's gone- I miss her bunches!